Coffee Preserve

Single origin green coffee brewed and cultured.. A new brew method for single origin coffee, usually reserved for teas and juices, now available using un-roasted coffee.


Green Brewed

Before coffee is roasted, it is grown as a green colored seed (or seeds) within a coffee cherry. Using only single origin green coffee and filtered water, we extract flavor. This green coffee infusion is then fermented by a symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast. The result is a sparkling, funky and fruity beverage expressing origin in a new way.


Aside from the health benefits, and that it takes less energy and pollution to create than roasted coffee, the reason we began this project is simple: taste.

The ability to express and preserve flavor in single origin coffees and varietals is what we at Olas Coffee are really excited about.


-Caffeine content? About 58mg per twelve ounces, roughly the same as a single shot of espresso for coffees made to date.

-Sugar content? Relatively low, most is converted by the culture.

-Alcohol: below .05% ABV, if sensitive to alcohol, it is generally recommended to avoid.

-How long does it last? It will never go bad in the sense of spoiling, however, to preserve the intended flavor, keep refrigerated up to 90 days.

-What does it taste like? It tastes similar to a natural wine. There is some acidity and sweetness with the flavor of the green coffee sitting within that balance. It is grassy & fruity with the particular flavor notes of the single origin coffee being expressed in it’s own unique way.

-How was this figured out? After mixing apple cider vinegar, honey syrup and sparkling water with the green brewed coffee; there was noticed a similar profile to kombucha. So we decided to culture the green brewed coffee the same way.

-How can I buy this? Currently this is only available to Olas wholesale partners in NYC on a wait-list basis as our production grows. Otway , Celestine & Abraço currently are pouring by the glass- swing by and enjoy!