Coffee Preserve


Green Brewed

Before coffee is roasted, it is grown as a green colored seed (or seeds) within a coffee cherry. Using only single origin green coffee and filtered water, we extract flavor. This green coffee infusion is then fermented by a symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast. The result is a sparkling, funky and fruity beverage expressing origin in a new way.


Aside from the health benefits, and that it takes less energy and pollution to create than roasted coffee, the reason we began this project is simple: taste.

The ability to express and preserve flavor in single origin coffees and varietals is what we at Olas Coffee are really excited about.


-Caffeine content? About 58mg per twelve ounces, roughly the same as a single shot of espresso

-Sugar content? Relatively low, most is converted by the culture.

-Alcohol: below .05% ABV, if sensitive to alcohol, it is generally recommended to avoid.

-How long does it last? It will never go bad in the sense of spoiling, however, to preserve the intended flavor, keep refrigerated.

-What does it taste like? Some have said it tastes similar to a Pet-Nat wine. There is some acidity and sweetness with the flavor of the green coffee sitting within that balance. It is grassy & fruity with the particular flavor of the single origin coffee being expressed in it’s own unique way.

-Has this been done before? This is an old technique for preserving that has been done with green coffee. What distinguishes this project is the aim of expressing single origin coffee.

-How can I buy this? Currently this is only available to wholesale partners in NYC on a wait-list basis as our production grows. Otway and Celestine currently pour green brew coffee by the glass.