This is the story behind Olas Coffee, founded by Jeremiah Borrego.  Years of working in service led him to this new venture in order to take a bigger role in shaping the specialty coffee industry.

After making coffee for over ten years in cafes and restaurants on the east coast, the decision to take the next step of roasting became clear. 

A large part of what drives this project is exploring everything that clean, single origin coffee has to offer while maintaining the tradition of sustainability in business and production. And if we are so fortunate, to enhance and progress these traditions as well.

Currently based in Brooklyn, NY and roasting at Regalia Roasting Collective, we roast fresh every week. Our name comes from ‘las olas’ which, when translated from the Spanish means ‘waves’.

xoxo -J.D.B. & CO.


'She is a tempest, turquoise ire drawing fire, taste she fills at last'