Original Coffee

 The original tasting experience of coffee as a fresh fruited berry and a grassy green seed is what we are revisiting in a fermentation process. 

Our story begins as a familiar one..

Coffee plants produce a fruit and inside are their seeds, which we call beans.  Humans a long time ago noticed when they ate this fruit they felt a kind of energy.

Soon after, they discovered the energizing effect another way: roasting, grinding and brewing the fruit’s seed. 

Unless you happen to be near a ready-to-harvest coffee plant, it’s unlikely you’ve consumed coffee in a fresh way.  By brewing the green un roasted coffee and fermenting it, we get much closer to this original field-fresh experience that humans enjoyed long ago.  And of course, there is still that same energizing kick.

This process of culturing single origin green coffee is one I have not seen in my +11 years of working in the coffee industry; it is exciting to be a part of this and share it with others.



Founder & Operator

jeremiah borrego